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Information about the Coronavirus

Dear business partners,
Even in difficult times we want to be your usual strong and reliable partner. We attach great importance to the protection of our employees, customers and partners and therefore all travel activities, trade fair visits, meetings and events canceled until further notice and work mostly from the home office. Of course, there will be no restrictions in the communication with your contact persons. We are available for you under the known telephone numbers and e-mail addresses during normal business hours.
Our production and logistics partly work in a two-shift system in order to reduce a possible risk of infection and to remain capable of acting. With our decentralised branch structure, we also have 10 locations and 8 different logistics warehouses in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and can therefore guarantee a supply of our customers. We have our stocks for standard articles and customer-specific packaging products in the last few weeks in order to additionally secure our ability to deliver. In view of the dynamic development and the associated risks we recommend, however, that you also increase your own stocks to maintain security of supply. 
At present, we have no knowledge of major disruptions in the supply chains of our suppliers. However, as the current situation is developing very dynamically, we will inform you immediately of any serious changes and disruptions in the operating process.
The whole Brangs + Heinrich team wishes you, your colleagues and your relatives above all health and a good way through these turbulent times!


Conserving the planet's resources is close to our hearts. We make our contribution to an intact environment through the responsible use of resources and materials, sophisticated concepts in the areas of consumption optimisation, recycling, raw material selection and reusable packaging. It is our goal to always find a tailor-made packaging solution for you that is both economical and ecological. We focus on the use of recyclable materials and renewable raw materials.

World Innovation Slimbox

Together with the Belgian startup Fitthings, we launched a new packaging machine on the market. With the Slimbox, companies can produce their own cardboard boxes - individually tailored to their own needs - from a single piece.

The app allows the user to select the versions based on various FEFCO codes and dimensions and to fully control the machine. This enables companies that require many different packaging sizes in small runs every day to quickly and easily create a custom-fit packaging for their products. Thanks to just-in-time production, storage and freight costs can be systematically reduced.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Slimbox can also be used in small spaces. When fully folded out, the innovative product reaches a width of 1.77 m, when closed it is 0.55 m wide.

The new packaging law (VerpackG) comes into force on 01.01.2019

[Translate to Englisch:] Das neue Verpackungsgesetz (VerpackG) tritt ab 01.01.2019 in Kraft

The new Packaging Law (VerpackG) replaces the current Packaging Ordinance on 01 January 2019. The new Packaging Law stipulates that every distributor, i.e. product manufacturer and distributor, who places packaging filled with goods on the German market for the first time and which accumulates as waste at the private end consumer, must participate in the system (license). This applies to all service, sales and outer packaging, including shipping cartons, adhesive tapes and filling materials, which are used in the mail order business and sent to a private end consumer.

In addition to the obligation to participate in a dual system, you are also obliged to register with the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle (§9, VerpackG) by 31.12.2018. The registration in the packaging register LUCID of the Central Office can only be carried out by you personally and may not be delegated to third parties. If you fail to comply with your licensing and registration obligations under the law, the Central Office may impose sales bans and severe fines of up to € 200,000.00 in the event of infringements. In addition, in future you will be obliged to report all your quantity reports not only to your licensing partner in the Dual System, but also to the Central Office. This also applies to the filing of a declaration of completeness by the obligated companies which exceed the minor limits already valid in the past (§11, Paragraph 4 VerpackG).

In order to comply with your legal obligations, we gladly recommend our contractual partner, Duale System Zentek GmbH & Co. KG, who is also available for further information.

Here are the contact details:
Zentek GmbH & Co. KG, Ettore-Bugatti-Str. 6-14, 51149 Cologne, Germany
Phone: 0049 2203/8987-701, Mail: dualessystem@zentek.de

You can register with the central office under the following link:

Loading unit securing - new directive from 20.05.2018

According to §22 STVO the loader is obliged to secure the load on the truck, e.g. with tension belts, anti-slip mats or edge protection, in such a way that it does not fall over, slip or roll around even in the event of sudden braking or an evasive movement.

Since 20 May 2018, the police and the FOPH have also been focusing on securing loading units with stretch film, shrink film and strapping. Directive 2014/47/EU, which refers to the "EUMOS 40509" test method for securing loading units, is now coming into force for the EU member states. It describes the procedure of an acceleration test. Accordingly, the pallet must not exceed a specified amount of misalignment.

However, certification is not mandatory. The consignor must also ensure that the load units are properly secured in the future. He is obliged to do this with and without a certificate.

If an inspection reveals that the load securing unit is not in order, the truck may be prohibited from continuing its journey and a heavy fine may be imposed.

The most important at a glance (EUMOS standard 40509):

  • The packed goods must not shift by more than 5% (permanent deformation) from the height of the loading unit. If the height of the loading unit is less than 120 cm, a maximum displacement of 6 cm is permissible
  • In the foot area (20 cm), max. 4 cm displacement is permitted
  • The elastic deformation which recedes after loading shall not exceed 10 % of the height of the loading unit
  • Individual layers may only shift by a maximum of 2 % of the load unit height (vertical gap)

In this context, our new high performance stretch films ProfiStretch MPX are particularly suitable for securing loading units in a wide variety of pallet patterns, as they have an excellent ratio between elongation and holding force. By using this new generation of machine stretch film, you not only improve your pallet stability through the enormous holding forces, but also significantly reduce your packaging costs.