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First the goods. Then the film. In order to guarantee optimum protection, we adapt our ProfiThen packaging films in advance to the special requirements of your products. With all our solutions, we focus on the highest quality and user-friendly processing.

Packaging films

Regardless of whether individual, container, tray or pallet packaging - our high-quality films protect your goods and secure their transport. As a flexible all-purpose weapon, ProfiThen packaging films can be used for all manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic areas. All films are available in completely individual formats, thicknesses and designs tailored to your requirements as flat, half tubular or gusseted tubular films as well as bags, sacks or hoods. Our ProfiThen EcoPlus high-performance films are suitable for all semi- and fully automatic packaging lines thanks to their special mixing. By using high-quality special raw materials, they achieve extremely high strength values, which allow material savings of up to 25% depending on the application.

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Packaging films

Flat films

Perfect fit: With our flat films you can line your crates, covers and other packaging with tailor-made solutions.

Tube films

For the simple and uncomplicated packaging of your products - our tubular films.

Shrink polymers

Our shrink films adapt perfectly to the shape of your products and provide optimum hold.

Bags and inserts

For an ideal and protective storage of your goods - our bags and inserts.

Flat films, tube films and cover blanks

Flexible: With our flat films, tube films and cover blanks, you are optimally supplied for all manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic applications.

Bags, sacks and hoods

For universal use and protection of your products - our bags, sacks and hoods.

Cuts and inserts

Clean: With our cuttings and inserts you protect your goods from dirt and moisture.

Polyolefin fine shrink films

Our reduced-strength films and polyolefin fine shrink films shrink your books, printed products, containers and other products to a perfect fit.

Shrink machines and accessories

For a versatile application with your products - our shrink machines and accessories.


You don't know which packaging material you need? Can't find the right product for your application? No matter what your question is, our experienced packaging specialists will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right answer!

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