As a leading specialist for industrial packaging, our family-owned company builds on a traditional spirit, innovative spirit and sustainability in thought and action. For us, corporate responsibility means bringing the areas of economy, ecology and social responsibility into harmony in a convincing way.

Our overriding goal is to leave a livable
world for future generations.


Thinking ahead is our claim - for more than 140 years. We want to combine top quality with a good balance for people, the environment and society. We are committed to acting not only in a value-creating manner, but also in an appreciative manner in all areas of the company. Our claim combines global action with the growing challenges of our time.

We make our contribution to an intact environment by using resources and materials responsibly. Sophisticated concepts in the areas of consumption optimization, recycling, raw material selection and reusable packaging are our goal. Quality-certified business processes are just as much a part of sustainable management as intelligently controlled logistics flows and energy savings through intelligent on-site energy generation.

Our strategy

  • Consumption optimization through strength-optimized products
  • Use of recycling raw materials
  • returnable packages
  • Use of renewable and recyclable raw materials
  • Energy saving through geothermal energy and solar system
  • Social sustainability
  • Responsible use of resources and materials

Our 4 pillars of sustainability

Environment and Processes

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • conservation of resources
  • Reducing climate-relevant emissions
  • management systems

Products and services

  • Recyclability Packaging design and development
  • Consumption reduction and process optimization
  • Innovations and sustainable product solutions

Social responsibility

  • Social commitment
  • Partnership-based relationship and respectful dealings with employees, suppliers and customers
  • Responsible cooperation within the company
  • GKV - Code of Conduct


  • Education and training
  • equal opportunity
  • Values and culture
  • health and safety at work
  • Cooperation guidelines
Our 4 pillars of sustainability

Sustainable packaging

Renewable raw materials
As a packaging supplier, we see it as our duty to use renewable raw materials and recyclable materials wherever possible. We pay attention to short transport distances and always strive to minimize our CO2 consumption.

Packaging design
We always think one idea ahead: With perfectly adapted packaging, empty spaces in cartons can be avoided, which reduces transport damage and the use of filling material. In our product development department, a team of experts is constantly working on innovative packaging ideas. We design sustainable, tailor-made packaging from the single-material solution to ecological design.

Application optimization
Our focus is on targeted consumption- and process-optimizing consulting. We continuously integrate innovative technologies and materials for automation and process optimization into our range of services, which includes packaging, machines and services.

Reducing consumption
Through the use of high-quality packaging optimized for strength, companies are able to save up to 40 percent of their consumables - while maintaining or even improving the protective effect.

When it comes to the use of materials, recyclability is our top priority. We attach particular importance to alternative and environmentally friendly packaging materials with the greatest possible recyclability in the recycling cycle.