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We supply packaging papers according to your wishes, manufactured by our own cutting and processing plants.

Packaging papers

A good protective function, especially of the product surface, is the central requirement for paper and cardboard. Our high-quality materials are used in the metalworking industry as well as in manufacturing, the food industry or car paint shops.

Paper and cardboard from Brangs + Heinrich are equipped with special properties for the various applications: from anti-slip and moisture-resistant to lacquer-tight or food-safe. Special technical papers are also part of our portfolio. We cut and process the classic packaging materials exactly according to the wishes of our customers. We determine the requirements in a personal consultation. Our cutting and processing capabilities and the various possibilities of packaging development help us in this. It is no coincidence that tailor-made customer solutions are one of our specialities.

To ensure that the required packaging can always be delivered just-in-time, we are happy to store the replenishment in our logistics centre ready for delivery on request.

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Packaging papers

Wrapping and protecting

Our wide range of papers is ideal for stuffing and packing your products.

Special papers

The optimal solution for special applications - our special papers.

Kraft papers

High quality: With our kraft papers you can rely on quality for wrapping and enveloping your goods.

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Coated papers

Resistant: With our coated papers you can rely on a special water and liquid tightness to protect your goods.

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Creped papers

Our creped papers score as all-rounders for your export packaging.

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Anti-slip papers

For effective transport protection - our anti-slip papers.

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Greyboard and cardboard

For an ideal covering or intermediate layer of your products - our greyboard and cardboard.

Covering papers

Our covering papers are a true classic for your vehicle painting.

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Interleaving papers

For running in and out during rolling of steel, aluminium, copper and brass without corrosion-promoting and scratching components - our interleaving papers.

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Foodstuff papers

Checked: With our food papers you can rely on various functions such as fat tightness and barrier properties for a safe packaging of your food.

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Baking parchment

Versatile applications for your best baking results - our baking parchment.

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You don't know which packaging material you need? Can't find the right product for your application? No matter what your question is, our experienced packaging specialists will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right answer!

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