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Elastic. Flexible. Penetration-proof and tear-resistant. High-quality stretch films adapt to all pallet and product shapes. Thanks to their high resistance and simultaneous elasticity, our stretch films are also suitable for particularly demanding products - and protect them safely from wind, water and dust.

Stretching and strapping

Easy, quick. Mechanical, manual. Depending on the application, we secure your pallets with hand-stretch films or machine-stretch films. Our products range from versatile hand-stretch films to highly elastic cast films, coex blown films and high-performance films which convince with low residual elongation, high puncture and tear resistance and extreme holding forces. In addition, our pre-stretched stretch films ProfiWrap offer the greatest possible load unit security through the use of multi-layer power stretch films. Optimum residual elongation combined with high puncture and tear resistance means easy handling, great safety and maximum economy.

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Additional versions for all ProfiStretch and ProfiWrap qualities

  • especially gliding surface
  • UV-stabilized
  • antistatic
  • perforated
  • inside or outside adhesive
  • black or white dyed, special colours on request
  • on request also with customer's own print
  • different widths
  • standard equipped with a sleeve diameter of 50 mm (hand film) and 76 mm (machine film)


The minimal material consumption lowers production costs and protects the environment sustainably. This commitment to film fairness is also reflected in the ProStretch initiative: As an active member, we are committed to marking all supplied stretch films with a guarantee. This legal certainty ensures trust - and quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Stretch films

Hand-stretch films

Reliable: With our hand-stretch films you can secure your goods at low pallet volumes.

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Hand-stretch films RECYCLED

Machine-stretch films

For the use of automatic winding machines to secure your goods - our machine-stretch films.

Machine-stretch films RECYCLED

Machine-stretch films BIOBASED

Pre-stretched stretch films

Our pre-stretched stretch films guarantee easy handling with little effort.

Pre-stretched stretch films BIOBASED

Narrow rolls

Our narrow rolls adhere from the inside and are suitable for all semi-automatic bundle stretchers.

High performance stretch films

Stable: With our high performance stretch films you use excellent holding forces for maximum pallet securing.

Transport securing aids

For a smooth transport of your goods - our aids for transport security.


Our strapping straps wrap your goods optimally and safely.

Automatic strapping machines and strapping tools

Manual or mechanical: With our automatic strapping machines and equipment you can secure and bundle your products.

Stretch wrapping machines

For the ideal packaging of pallet loads using stretch and wrapping films - our stretch wrapping machines.

Load unit safety

Our experienced packaging consultants will be happy to advise you if you need help selecting the right packaging materials and will also inspect your loading units on site.


You don't know which packaging material you need? Can't find the right product for your application? No matter what your question is, our experienced packaging specialists will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right answer!

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