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Ideal packaging systems ensure efficiency. They simplify logistical processes - and save unnecessary effort and costs on the way to the goal. We develop complete packaging and logistics solutions that protect your products in the best possible way and optimize your process chain sustainably.

Packaging systems

Our packaging systems work specifically at the various points of your packaging and logistics process. They all convince with simple handling and accelerate the packaging process. Our packing table system, for example, shines as a true all-rounder, playing off its strengths in the online trade with consumer goods or also in mechanical engineering as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Our manual or mechanical strapping systems secure loads, bundle products or hold packing units together. Systems such as FillPak® and Fill-Air® are used to fill cavities, and NewAir I.B.® Express is dedicated to padding. The PadPak® converter series protects the products inside the shipping carton. Would you like to produce tailor-made packaging for your individual product? Then our Box on Demand machines are the right choice for you. We are happy to help you with our know-how to optimize your packaging processes - and to design tailor-made solutions.

Packaging systems

Stretch wrapping machines

For the ideal packaging of pallet loads using stretch and wrapping films - our stretch wrapping machines.

Automatic strapping machines and strapping tools

Manual or mechanical: With our automatic strapping machines and equipment you can secure and bundle your products.

Fill systems

By using filling materials, our filling systems prevent your products from slipping within the shipping carton.

Cushioning systems

For optimum protection of your products within the shipping carton - our cushioning systems.

Shrink machines and devices

Our shrink wrapping machines and devices can pack both small products and large-volume goods.

Carton sealing machines

For the simple sealing of your cardboard boxes - our carton sealing machines.

Box on demand

Individual: With our Box on Demand you can create your own box for tailor-made packaging of your products.

Packing table systems

Adaptable: With our packing table systems all individual requirements regarding size and complexity can be solved for your goods.

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You don't know which packaging material you need? Can't find the right product for your application? No matter what your question is, our experienced packaging specialists will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right answer!

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